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I am glad to see you here

Dear Reader, Glad to see you on this page. I would love to invite you to my personal blog  Mahesh Sharma Insights. I hope the experiences and information shared on this site ( and my blog, may add value to your life and help you live passionately with courage and compassion. I also invite you to explore the possibilities and dimensions of understanding humanity and experience & witness the continuously evolving nature's infinite intelligence.

My Guiding Belief

With the mantra that "Life is the best teacher, provided we are the best student", I find enormous opportunity to learn from everything that is present in the nature around me. And I personally feel and believe that the best form of living is when we "Live in the Moment". As nobody knows what's going to happen next, I have decided to give The MOMENT - Every MOMENT - my best shot. The purpose of establishing this oddly named research foundation (Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS RF)) is to not to create, not to invent, not to teach but to explore, to discover and to go deep into mighty and omnipresence force of nature around us.

I am trying my bit

For more than a decade I have been trying my bit to help my fellow travelers to know & discover their true selves, get out of their own way, find & follow their inner calling and live their lives with passion and courage.

My Submission

The more I know, the more I come to know how much I don't know.

I am indebted to each passing moment

I am indebted to each passing moment, each individual who has touched or is touching my life and each incident that has happened or is happening in my journey - for they all are making my life worth living.

I invite you

.... to see, explore, experience and witness the beautiful inner world .... to feel the warmth of human relationship beyond greed, ego, and power .... to respect life and enjoy beingness in each and every moment .... to live passionately with courage, persistence, and zeal I invite you to experience the joy of giving and celebrate Humanity

Glad to be your fellow traveler...

.... your fellow traveler on this amazing journey called - Life.   Love Mahesh Founder & Chief Mentor Know Your True Self ® Research Foundation (KYTS RF) A Not For Profit, Research, Education, Coaching and Community Sharing entity.

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