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About Us

Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS Research)

is a research, development, coaching and community Sharing entity of Know Your True Self® Group with a mission to promote, educate, coach, research & share with the masses & promote and spread awareness on understanding of Inherent Human Behaviour in interpersonal relationships, importance of taking care of Emotional Health & Wellbeing, decoding subtle level activities of human mind by usage and implementation of Energy Psychology principles in daily lives, developing inner-leadership and emphasising on living a passionate life by focusing on Human Potential Development - in such a way that the knowledge, research, discoveries and application of these principles and insights help them live a life they deserve, reach their full potential, lead their way towards leaving a legacy behind them and bridge the gap among life's social, material and spiritual aspect so as to make this world a better place to live.

If we want to understand a subject, any subject deeply we need to make sure we don’t settle or limit ourselves to one aspect of the matter. If we really want to know the subject in and out we need to research the subject in its entirety. And that’s where Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS Research) helps individuals and groups to let them have a look at the research in various fields related to body, mind, heart, and soul of the human being without being technically complex and without using difficult jargon.

Information | Knowledge | Insights

Here at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS Research) we make sure that the insights of the fields we are researching in, should make sense to common people and they can use the knowledge and information discovered in the research in making their daily lives more significant and meaningful. We invite different views on one subject so that we can see it holistically and can know the other side of the coin too.

Research Fields

With the intention to make a complex subject easy to understand and useful to common people we are currently researching in the following fields :

  • HIBT – Human Inherent Behaviour Traits
  • Emotional Health and Wellness
  • Mind-Body connection
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Universal Laws
  • Cosmic Energy Field
  • Compassion
  • Passion

we, at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS Research) are dedicated to bringing the best of human nature out at the surface in order to make sure we live our lives at the fullest, nurture great families and build happy & compassionate communities.

Meaning of Our Logo and Tagline

As we have already discussed that we are Unique and different in sizes, shapes, colours, height, weight, brought ups, nationalities, communities and you can name it - but we are one in one aspect. We are all humans. We all have mind and heart. We all have the same cosmic energy vibrations (sometimes called we are vibrational beings). So here with this Logo we want to depict the human being as one. The explanation is :

Different colours in the centre denoted a difference in us all humans, like colours, shapes, nationalities even thought processes.

The heart in the centre denotes we as humans are emotional beings. With feelings and emotions.  The heart is what keeps us human. The feelings and emotions make us humans. (Keep those feelings and emotions out of a human, and we have a robot.)

The cloud. And finally however different and unique we are with a heart we are governed by something bigger than us. Something larger than us. Something beyond our knowledge. Something beyond our explanation.  We can call it omnipresence consciousness. We can call it Nature. We can call it Spiritual Environment. Something beyond us. Something with which we can connect to be in the flow. Something which need not be understood but to be surrendered. The cloud in the logo denotes that bigger, larger, omnipresent consciousness which encompasses us all.

Celebrating Humanity. With the limited understanding of our invisible world and nature around us and faith and belief over the omnipresence consciousness, we think let's celebrate our beingness. Celebrate our existence. Celebrate Humanity. Every day. Every moment. Every instance.

And at Know Your True Self® Research Foundation (KYTS Research) we strive to celebrate humanity in a continuous form. Each and every moment.

We welcome all the fellow travelers on this amazing journey called life, to share their ideas, their insights and their experiences to other fellow human beings to create an environment of trust, compassion, courage, love, and happiness.


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Explore the Heart-Centered Co-Active Personal Coaching System

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And here I want to emphasize on one of my favorite quotes, presumably from Confucius "If we do not change direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed.". And yes, we all know that the world today is changing at a fast pace and if we need to stay relevant, to grow, to thrive we need to change with the pace.

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